Prophecy Guide

Prophecy Guide

Under Development: 1735 Bible verses covered or 5.58% of the Bible.

by Pastor Clinton Macomber
of the Ancient Baptist faith found in the
Berean Bible Heritage Churches

Subject Dictionary
Lists the facts from verses by subject
Biblical facts sorted into periods of time when they will be fulfilled
Verse Guide
Lookup a verse you are studying and see where it fits in Prophecy!
Update Thoughts
Regular thoughts about day's new entries as well as progress information

The Prophecy Guide is drawn only from the Bible, and facts gleaned from each verse. It does not use any of the several forms of modern prophetic schedules presented by religious groups, and theological dogma.

Constructive comments are always welcomed. Have a verse you would like to see moved up in our priority list? Let us know! See something that is wrong? Let us know. Know a better way to word something? Let us know. This is an ongoing project and there is much more work to be done. Realistically, even a lifetime of work will not finish this project. It needs a troop of dedicated researchers to do it justice, but such is not available.

There are several guiding principles to this guide including:

  1. All Scripture is verbally and plenarily inspired by God. Religious dogma and theological systems are human attempts at briefly stating complex spiritual concepts, and as such fail to represent the whole counsel of God's Word.
  2. Scriptural facts must come from the original languages because translations are a work of man upon the Biblical message, and are thereby therefore in the finest form fallible.
  3. Facts must be gathered contextually and not just as isolated concepts.
  4. Each verse of Scripture is packed with meaning and riches that can be explored throughout eternity.
  5. God intends for His Children to know His plans, and so He gave them a written account, so that they will compare Scripture with Scripture and have a firm grasp of the future, being thus able to discern the signs of the times.
  6. Date setting is blasphemy, because only the Father knows of the day and hour.
  7. Only the King James Version is used to help the English reader see a translation of the Scriptures. The New King James Version is included (minus the footnotes and notations that were meant to offer the reader information about minority texts) and at times a Clarified version is added to make the message clearer. None of the plethora of other English Bibles can be used because they are so distorted and tainted, being done by those who do not believe in the power of God in preserving His word, nor the inspiration of the very words of Scripture. Other versions use a rare minority of heathen texts to overthrow the vast majority of Jewish and Christian Bible books.
  8. Until a Scripture fact has been totally fulfilled as stated, it still has to happen. Many passages have had an early (and sometimes there have been several early) partial fulfillment, but being incomplete, the event was only a foreshadowing of what is to come.
  9. Scripture is to be taken literally, and unless it is clearly labeled as a parable or symbolic by the context, it cannot be applied in principle or as a generality. Most prophetic systems tend to spiritualize simple plainly stated facts (like calling Israel the “Church” or spiritualizing Ezekiel’s prophecy of a Millennial Temple) and so build upon a very faulty framework, being a framework of  a person’s philosophical opinions.

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