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My folks were given this precious box of sermon envelopes, when I was a young lad, by the widow of Rev. Dale Satterthwaite, in hopes that we could use them. This collection has been an invaluable source of information, as well as a challenge, to enter the deeper Christian life.

The truths of these files are not taught in books, nor are they taught to us in Bible schools and seminaries. J.E. Conant was a well-travelled evangelist of the late 1800’s and of the early 1900’s. He spoke to people during and after the wars that have scarred yet made this country. He spoke to people, who had lost a great deal and understood that there is more to life than possessing material things. There was a hunger after righteousness.

The notes in the envelopes were meant to jog the Evangelist’s memory, so at times the wording is very cryptic. These areas have been softened to make them understandable. Some areas were “fleshed out” to provide a sense of the message from vague notes, while others were left in their simple outline form. Where illustrations were found, they have been included in the messages, while others simply have titles of the illustrations that he planned to use.

This work is the result of several years of compiling and editing, but if any readers have knowledge of missing information, it would be greatly appreciated if that would be forwarded to our press. May “he being dead, yet speak….”

Pastor Clinton Macomber
Redding, California, 2007

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Judson Eber Conant; compiler and editor, Clinton A. Macomber, The Auction of the Soul (Redding, CA: Pleasant Places Press, 2008) http://preparingforeternity.org/conant/files/intro.php?index=titles&letter=B&number=

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