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For Believers Only now on theBookpatch


The messages in For Believers Only has been a favorite of mine all my life since elementary school! I enjoyed his sermons and found they fulfilled a spiritual need, offering encouragement, and the ability to focus on the important things of life.

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For Believers Only

Dale Satterthwai …


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Our family first heard Pastor Dale Satterthwaite speak at a National Conference get together of Baptist Churches. The children’s program was great, but I wanted to get something more spiritually nourishing. My folks reluctantly decided to allow me to sit with them and resisted the efforts of the ushers to send me with the “little kids.”

I took notes and listened with great interest to the message from Romans 8:28 about how all things work together for good to God’s people. My folks were deeply involved in a local church, but began to extricate themselves from the various duties, so we could attend Sunday evening services, even though we had to drive over an hour to reach Calvary Baptist Church.

We soon left the local church to attend the morning Sunday services in Los Angeles as well. The time spent under Pastor Dale’s ministry deeply affected our family at all levels. My mother extracted herself from her jobs and schooling so she could be a stay at home mother and home school us children. Daily family devotions became a daily rule, and Bible memory came first. Even the long trips to the church were spent memorizing new verses, and reviewing the quickly growing list of verses and chapters.

This book has been available in both printed form and digital format for Bible software, but this version is a complete new edit of the work. The many Scriptural mentions have had the references added, and a few footnotes have been added. Careful indexing has been added as well as a Scripture index. Typos and other refinements have been completed as well.

It is my wish that this book will find its way in the hands of many of God’s people, so they too can be encouraged in a special way to pay attention to their spiritual lives and begin to see God’s hand in their lives each day. Please take the time to invest in your spiritual future.

John Robinson sermon


Today is an amazing day and one where you could say that was the real beginning of our Country: The United States of America.

It was spend fasting and praying and listening to an exhortation from a dear old preacher on the importance of not relying on man for help, and instead facing insurmountable difficulties and dangers with God’s help alone. There were over 100 people that gathered this day 393 years ago to seek God’s face, repent of sin, and beg for God’s blessing for each one of them.

Tomorrow is the day when those staying in Holland put on a big feast, or “last meal” together for those leaving. They sang the Psalms in a most beautiful and harmonic fashion, since they were well trained in music. The walk to the Mayflower was a quiet one, with each person’s heart breaking at the thought they may not see each other ever again, and the grimness of what lay ahead of the travellers.

Those first Pilgrims, having to flee Europe’s decadence, immorality, agnosticism, anti-Saints spirit, and general humanism; were setting forth to face a fierce battle just trying to extricate themselves from England. But that was only the beginning of the sorrows and depravations they would endure. They were praying for God’s help in crossing the great Ocean, protection from the most savage people on earth (yes, Savages!), and protection from the French and Spanish, and even other Englishmen in establishing a Biblically based colony.

If such a place could open up today, would we go or stay in this filthy world? It is getting harder for real Christians (saints) to manage living in cities and towns. There is a real effort underfoot, not only politically, but socially, and economically to drive every true Bible believing person from this earth into what they think is oblivion.

Heaven is not a place for patsies, or worldly “Christians.” It is the abode for eternity for those who overcame through the blood of the Lamb!

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