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Last of the Violin Section finished!


O Worship the King

This piece was originally written for a harp and violin, and it still can be used for that, but we changed things a little bit to be a piano and violin duet piece. Wow! what a beautiful piece of music! It is a bit of a medley, so flow very nicely. We hope you can find good use for this well written and skillful music!

The cover was made from a photo on the Temple mount in Jerusalem in Israel. Inside the cover is an overview of the things that happened at this most holy site on earth. Prayers from God’s people have gone up from this site for 4000 years!

We have provided the music scores for violin, piano, and the two combined. We also had the robot play the music so it could be heard to gain an idea of how it sounds.

What a Wonderful Saviour

This is our last piece to offer from this book! We hope the music is a blessing to others and can continue being used to the glory of God. Getting good musical arrangements is so hard, and it should be much easier with all the musical arrangements that have been made over the last 2000 years!

The cover of this piece was made from a photo of Jeroboam’s High Place. It is the place where he shamefully set up a golden calf for Israel to worship to keep his people from going to the holy Temple of Jerusalem. It offers a challenge for us to be able to cleanse away the filth of our lives as Hezekiah did, so that God can bless us and we can know Him as the Wonderful Savior that He has been for so many true Christians.

Again the piano, violin and combined scores are offered for free (to you, we still have the costs to bear of offering them), and we hope God will bless those that make use of this treasury of Holy music. This music is separate from the world’s distortions and immorality and can only be appreciated by those that are yielded to the only Savior from sin and its consequences.

The Last Violin and Piano duets


We are getting to the last of the violin and piano duet music that we can find! We’ve now pulled out all the stops to clear the finish line! Here is today’s work:

Jesus Shall Reign. This piece was written by Cheryl Macomber and has a very simple piano part. Coupling the simplicity of the piano with the beauty and tension of the strings of the violin produces a very comforting and assuring statement that Jesus Shall Reign on this earth!

The cover is a photo of a meadow on Mount Carmel and inside the cover is a review of the things that happened on Mt. Carmel in Scripture. Click on the hymn title at the beginning of the paragraph before this one and take a look and listen to the piece! It is a wonderful hymn with a beautiful arrangement.

My Saviour’s Love. This cover is made from a photo of Caesarea Philippi and a river there. A short description is given of the mention in Scripture. The music is a powerful arrangement that carefully notices the words and makes the message of the hymn a very poignant statement. We are so happy that this musical score is now available with the robot’s playing of it!

His Eye Is on the Sparrow


It is with great joy we announce that the editing is now finished on this wonderful piece of music! It took a bit to get the scores set up again, and even longer to get the sound file ready, but it is finally done!

Deborah Macomber handled keying in the score, and had quite a time getting things set up. Clinton handled the editing of the score and refining of several areas and then the merging of the scores. Cheryl and Deborah joined him in helping adjust the sound elements so that the audio and score would reflect how they play it. So after a great bit of behind the scenes toda, we have the piece ready!

So are you ready to hear it? Well there are a few more things to say first!

We have to mention the cover! It is a photo of the gate to the old city of Jerusalem. Inside the cover is an article about the significance of the common sparrow. Both are done in a very professional and beautiful manner.

So are you ready to see and hear it? Well there is more….

The music is incredible and quite difficult. The violinist should not be a beginner nor should the pianist! But the musical arrangement brings out the best of both the violin and the piano, and together make a wonderfully uplifting and sweet sound. This is music at its best! If you have not heard the family play this piece, you have got to give it a try to hear it!

So now are you ready to enjoy it and lift your spirit heavenward? Well, there is more! We need a huge bucket of money! If you could just…. Oh, I forgot, this is a free offer! So much for paying bills! Frankly there is nothing on earth that could pay for such good music and make it a fair trade.

To hear the robot play the music and see the score, use the following link:

His Eye Is on the Sparrow for violin and piano.

Violin Hymn Score work


We did several things last week, including re-designing the Violin music scores page. This week we worked on setting up a status table so we can handle the remaining sections.

Count Your Blessings was redone with corrected and reworked scores. We also redid the audio file to slow it down, adjust the speed and the volume of the instruments as they relate to each other.

We had to remove a couple titles that were listed, since we cannot locate the scores for them! These were “Nothing Is Impossible,” “The Love of God,” and “O Could I Speak.” Maybe later they will appear!

We’re Marching to Zion is now completed and ready! This is a simple march for the violin and piano. The cover photo is of Gadera on the Sea of Galilee. The inside of the cover features a lesson about being freed from demons and repentance. It also has a short description of Zion. Listen to the synthesized audio and look over the scores! This might be a musical piece that would be fun to play!

My Heavenly Father Watches Over You is also ready! The cover features a photo of an old boat from the Sea of Galilee. Inside the cover is a Bible lesson on the anchor. This music composition is a remarkable and well thought out and written piece of music that is a must for anyone serious about sacred hymns. Take a serious look at this piece!

The Joy-Trust Medley is now ready! Praise the Lord! This piece has been used in small Christian circles now for over 10 years and is a tried and true peppy little piece of music. The cover features a 3000 year old replica of Solomon’s Temple at Tel Arad in Israel. Inside the cover is an article on the story of Israel, and the story of the photo, and how import it is to trust our Savior. If nothing else, enjoy the synthesized reproduction of the music!

Send the Light now has the synthesized music added! If you would like to hear who the music sounds by a robot, now you can!

Cheryl Macomber did a second check on things and found some problems on things that were not working right, so these have been fixed as well. In all this has been a great week!

Violin and Piano Audio Files


We started out just adding the audio player and audio files to each hymn, but it ended with a complete rework of the page into a very different layout and style!

We have added the following synthesized audio outputs to the following music:

    1. As a Volunteer for piano and violin
    2. Blessed Be the Name for piano and violin
    3. Come Thou Fount for violin and piano
    4. Count Your Blessing for violin and piano
    5. Exaltation of Christ for violin duet
    6. Great Is Thy Faithfulness for violin and piano
    7. I Gave My Life for Thee for viola and piano
    8. I Know Whom I Have Believed for violin and piano
    9. I Love Thy Kingdom Lord for violin and piano
    10. It Is Well with My Soul for violin and piano
    11. My Anchor Holds for violin and piano
    12. Send the Light with violin and piano
    13. The Lord Is My Shepherd for violin and piano
    14. To the Regions Beyond with harp and violin
    15. When We See Christ with violin and piano: redone

Violin and Piano Music Audio files


We decided to add the synthesized audio to a bunch of the violin and piano music scores we have. Here is what we have added:

  1. When We See Christ
  2. We Gather Together
  3. What If It Were Today?

    Some Golden Daybreak


    We got another set of music scores finished this week! It is the music Glenda Macomber wrote for Some Golden Daybreak for Violin and Piano. It is very energetic and moving! The kind of music that brings God’s people to their feet in praise of God.

    We have included a synthesized reproduction of the combined scores so that the user can see what they sound like when a machine plays them. Of course, with a human playing them, there is a much better sound!

    The cover is a photo of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, and the inside a little comment about the photo and today.

    To see the prepared scores, use the following link:

    Some Golden Daybreak for Violin and Piano.

    Make Me A Blessing


    This piece is amazing! It was a tough piece of music to remake, but is so beautiful it was worth all the trouble.

    The piano and violin parts are not for the beginner student, unless they have a desire to excel, but anyone that tries to do even a verse of this score will be rewarded with a great harmonious sound.

    The cover is a photo from Mount Carmel in Israel, and there is a short note about the cover and being a blessing.

    We have also provided a synthesized version of the music so a person can get an idea of how it sounds, but regret the human element is not present to provide a better presentation!

    To view, download and hear the music, use the following link:

    Make Me a Blessing for violin and piano.

    Jesus Loves Me music


    Wow! time passes quickly, but we have another piece ready for use! Jesus Loves Me is an old favorite, and this arrangement for it makes it a thrilling spiritual song! The music is for a violin and piano duet, and we have added a new feature: the ability to hear a synthetic reproduction of the music. This does not have the human element in it, but it should give the user the ability to get a good idea of how it is supposed to sound. The little music player we have seems to work fine except for Google Chrome browsers. Not sure why though!

    The cover is a photo of a “Fisherman” on the east side of the Sea of Galilee. The inside of the cover has an outline of I John and what it means to know that Jesus Loves Us.

    So putting it all together is a wonderful little package! Hope you can use it and enjoy it!

    To get to this offer, use the following link:

    Jesus Loves Me music for piano and violin by Glenda Macomber

    I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord!


    This is a beautiful hymn and the arrangement is very true to the words!

    We have just set this one up for violin and piano duets, and it is packaged with a beautiful photo of the Broad Wall of Jerusalem. It also includes a description of this wall and the hope we have of entering the great walls of the New Jerusalem! What a day that will be! Finally we will be home, and our home is eternally secure!

    If we cannot sing the words of this hymn with our full heart, there is something wrong. Maybe we are too much like Lot’s wife and so nothing more than a stump of minerals. Do we have a heart for that which is holy or are we so earthly minded we are of no value but to be strewn among the bones of the ungodly? Certainly there cannot be anything this world has to offer that could possibly compare with the wonders of Heaven!

    To see and download this hymn created under the direction of Glenda Macomber, please use the following link:

    I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord arrangement for violin and piano