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Violin and Piano Audio Files


We started out just adding the audio player and audio files to each hymn, but it ended with a complete rework of the page into a very different layout and style!

We have added the following synthesized audio outputs to the following music:

    1. As a Volunteer for piano and violin
    2. Blessed Be the Name for piano and violin
    3. Come Thou Fount for violin and piano
    4. Count Your Blessing for violin and piano
    5. Exaltation of Christ for violin duet
    6. Great Is Thy Faithfulness for violin and piano
    7. I Gave My Life for Thee for viola and piano
    8. I Know Whom I Have Believed for violin and piano
    9. I Love Thy Kingdom Lord for violin and piano
    10. It Is Well with My Soul for violin and piano
    11. My Anchor Holds for violin and piano
    12. Send the Light with violin and piano
    13. The Lord Is My Shepherd for violin and piano
    14. To the Regions Beyond with harp and violin
    15. When We See Christ with violin and piano: redone

Blessed Be the Name


Wow! I worked on this piece myself, redoing the notation work, and was it a job! But I did learn a lot about how to do it. Over the years I had keyed several hymns, and a few anthems in various programs, but I guess I forget more than I remember.

At any rate, this is a very beautiful piece for the piano and violin. It is not for the beginner pianist! But when mastered it is the most beautiful I have ever heard. It would be great if we could add sound files, so people can hear it, including those that cannot play it!

The cover has a photo of the Jerusalem, and it does not have that ugly mosque at the forefront! So it is a very beautiful photograph. The inside of the cover is about the name of God and what it means when it is the blessed Name!

The music is available as the second piece listed on link to the page below:

Blessed Be the Name for Violin and Piano.