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Missing the Witches in the neighborhood!


I took a ride in my wheelchair in the late evening through the neighborhood and was surprised to see there were no witches anywhere to be found. This is the first year that I can remember not seeing excessive celebrations of devils and witches and ghosts.
I thought for sure I could catch a glimpse of even one of the infamous Ms of politics (Ms. Finestein, Ms. Polosy, Ms. Clinton, and even Ms. Collins). But no one was celebrating them this year!
I would be interested in knowing why the lack of decorations! Is it because the neighbors are getting elderly and just don’t have the means to put up decorations, but that ignores all the younger folks.
I am thinking that too much is getting stolen and destroyed by the “homeless” camps (really druggy and alcoholic camps) so there is no point in putting things up just to have them stolen.
At any rate, except for one house that had those fan powered ghosts, and another with a possible gravestone, the neighborhood is not celebrating the wicked day! Amazing!