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We’re back! It’s been a while since we entered a thought about Bible Prophecy from our studies, but we are hopefully ready to return to this feature.

Today, the study was in Isaiah 14! Yes, that chapter!

The situation we find is that people are programmed in this humanistic age to believe the Biblical way of doing things is by democracy, or majority rule! It is very funny how much California is considered a very liberal minded Democratic state, yet the vote of the people is overwhelmingly ignored and rejected by the courts, leaders and in fact, everyone!

We vote on important laws about English is the language of the state, or about the marriage being only between a man and a woman, or about how drug laws must be upped, or about all sorts of good things. But you can always count on the fact that the majority decision will be overthrown by a select few pompous clowns somewhere in the government, who believe they have the better decision making abilities that the public.

Frankly, the State of California is a dictatorship. The very few, usually appointed fools, run the state and the rest of the world can just go jump! To make matters even weirder, voter fraud is a huge open problem, but the few say this is not to be tampered with! Interesting.

There are also a huge number of stupid things the public will vote for (or we are lead to believe they voted for by those same suspected poll numbers). These almost always will go through without a hitch, and become law instantly!

The Bible makes it clear that majority rule is almost always going to be wrong in our world today. There cannot be a possibility of Godly, moral, ethical, righteous decisions that will ever come from a majority position. The majority will always side with the wrong, evil, distorted, selfish, hateful approach to a solution. It will go on until there is world unity about a world government, and this world governor will be the embodiment of the Devil, Satan, the great deceiver. He will sit on the throne ruling all nations in a very powerful way to remove all the Saints from the earth, and every Jewish person as well. He will be openly vile and evil, yet the world will worship at his feet.

But, Isaiah paints a very interesting picture that is so typical of human nature. We set up gods and then just as quickly as we swore undying commitment to this god, we turn on it and revel in its destruction! Talk about fickleness! Talk about being driven about by every wind of doctrine and opinion. Talk about not being able to recognize truth when we are staring it in the face!

All the world will be unified to come together under the most vile leader of all times, and then soon afterwards, when God smashes him, the world will be surprised that the leader has been just another hollow creature of a man, just as weak and stupid as the “majority” of people on the earth.

Broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are that go down that road. The lonely but solid and safe road is the one of righteousness and careful plodding, that follows what is right and true and in unity with the Holy Bible instruction we study each day. So, are you in the majority of the wild crowds that destroy? Or are you one of the few, brave, and strong?

Privileges to Active Commandment Doers


Revelation closes with Revelation 22:14 that makes no exceptions to keeping God’s commands, Christ’s instructions, and New Testament teaching.

A person has to be found actively doing the commands of all Scripture in order to have privileges in the New Jerusalem. These are people that make the teachings and laws of God relevant to today through their careful observance of them, and practices each day. They are people that actively study the instructions to make sure they are following them correctly.

Where does that put the person today that just said the sinner’s prayer, but continues on living how they please, except maybe attending a church service now and then? Where does that put the person that goes to some church that does not teach the commandments of God and holy living?

Frankly the sinner’s prayer or some momentary assent to Christianity carries no meaning. Baptism by immersion is a good start, but even that does not save. It takes a lifestyle I don’t see among those that profess to be Christians and sure of a seat in the theater of heaven. Christians really approach Christianity as a sign on the dotted line membership application, and then don’t think they need to do anything to prove their membership from then on.

The Lord Jesus’ last words to us is to make sure we are obeying all of the Scriptural commands so that we have the privileges of access to the Tree of Living and also be allowed to enter the Gateways to the New Jerusalem. Those that do not make a lifetime proof of their salvation do not have these privileges, and frankly, they don’t have a place in heaven either.

Christianity takes work and there will be clear evidence of the rejection of the immoral, unethical, unholy life of the world. There will also be a clear rejection of the world to those that follow the faith of the Scriptures. Acceptance by the worldly is proof there is no change in the heart and lifestyle. It is also proof there was no salvation.

Automatic Moral Growth


Revelation 22:11 puzzles some people, but it is really very simple in the Greek and other languages. The point is that people are not morally static in their development. A person’s character develops one way or another all the time. We have the ability to shape our souls to either be holy, righteous, honorable, pure, clean, etc. or to shape ourselves more and more in dishonesty, harmfulness, evil, filthiness, morbidness, sadness, etc.

We do not stay at one level and freeze ever! We are always moving toward the image of God-likeness (godliness) or away from God (eternal damnation).

Our souls are always moving, they do not sit still. A person that lies, starts out with little lies, and if let to get away with it as a child, grows to an adult that is a chronic liar and frankly cannot tell the truth. Only God can break such a trend, but it is with much effort that it gets changed. Otherwise the person will grow in impudence to the point he becomes a monster.

This is frankly the major reason God shortened man’s life from the 1000 years He first gave to just a 10th of that. A millennia of developing corruption is simply too much.  The path of our life is set early on in life, and very little changes after that.

Hence the old proverb to train children in the way they should go, and they will be the same when they are older. Training is not easy, and is harder than parents think. Training is a consistent lifestyle day in and day out. It is a disciplined life. An undisciplined child will be even more undisciplined in adulthood. It is just a fact of life.

But there is good news. A person that applies themselves to being holy, when young, will grow in holiness throughout their lives. As they mature, they will be more holy. As they age, they will be even more holy.

So what about the people that were “holy” in adulthood, but are perverse in old age? I would say they were corrupt in adulthood and only had the airs of holiness, but inwardly they were quite sinful. As they aged they lost the ability to hide their true condition, and the real inner person shows. They lived a life of shameful degradation, and not true holiness.

So, in Revelation, the warning is given as to why there is a Heaven and Hell. People increase in the moral condition they choose. A wicked person continues to become more wicked even after death. There is only one place such a soul can go. They cannot be in heaven, because such growth cannot be tolerated. They must be placed in hell, and isolated and uncomfortable so they cannot harm others. They must have their bodies removed, so they cannot harm themselves. They must be suspended forever in torment, to control the development of the prison they have locked themselves into for eternity.

A person that is holy, pure, totally observant to the laws of God and His Word, are those that will grow that way forever. They will continue to devote themselves to the study of Scripture and the carrying out of God’s instructions. They will be useful servants to God for eternity. God thus rewards them for their pure lifestyle and has great benefits for them.

The world’s society is so harmful to holiness, it is amazing God does not strike us all down now. The word used is Unjust for the first horrible condition. This is a person that literally rejects the law of God and goes their own way. Such a person is harmful, hurtful, wrong, and committed to being unholy. The Old Testament as well as the New Testament explain what it means to be clean before God. There is a certain type of clothing and clothing style that will be worn. There are only certain foods that will be eaten and all others prohibited. There are daily devotions and prayer times that will be observed unconditionally. There are all kinds of things to learn to do and be, but they cannot get started, if we are “unjust.”

For a case in point. Women of the world want to dress like men, go where men go, do what men do, and act like men act. They were created to be beautiful and supportive creatures, not calloused, single, man-acting, man-hating beings. Men wear pants, so women insist on purging all dresses and wearing the blue jeans men wear, but as tightly as possible. That is something they can change. Women cannot normally have beards, so they insist that men shave so they have woman like faces. Men are to have short hair, so women cut their hair short so they can be free of their beautiful hair which was to serve as a covering for them. On it goes, and there seems to be no end. The result is a whole bunch of orphans roaming the streets, not being raised by anyone, and so destroyed in mind and body by adulthood, they cannot hold a job to support their lifestyles. They expect society to provide their wants and wishes.

The cycle keeps doing downhill every year as corruption increases. It gets so bad that God has to step in and completely destroy whole cities and regions to halt the evil.

We must make the right choice each day and hour! Not doing so harms our future and ourselves!

Gaza in God’s Eyes


God sets limits on Atrocities, Amos 1:6a

6 Thus said the Lord:
For three transgressions of Gaza,
For four, I will not revoke it:


Gaza map produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, 2005

Gaza is a section of land 25 miles long and between 3.7 to 7.5 miles wide. It has a population of about 1.7 million people. The little section has the 7th highest population growth in the world! The residents were mostly born there, but large numbers falsely claim they are refuges that fled Israel in 1948. The people are Sunni Muslim.

When Israel took the land from the Egypt in 1967, they established 21 settlements in the area and added a lot of important infrastructure to the region.

In 1979 Egypt and Israel signed an agreement, where Egypt agreed to demilitarize the land and Israel would in turn withdraw its military from the area as well. Egypt also renounced all claims to Gaza.

Israel continued to control the area until 1994, and maintained the infrastructure and civil facilities.

In 2000 Gaza began its regular attacks on Israel, firing rockets at Israel, employing and rewarding suicide bombers in Israel, constantly fomenting civil riots, protests and bombings against Israel. Israel has made all kinds of concessions to try to satisfy the Gaza leaders, but nothing has born any fruit. The people ousted their anti-Jewish government fat cat leaders and voted in the most notorious gangster anti-Jewish leaders they could find. The attacks have only stepped up, and the hatred of all Jewish and Christian people has simply become outlandishly evil. Now with the fall of Egypt’s government that tried to abide in some form to the agreements with Israel, there is a completely anti-Jewish Muslim government that has taken Egypt by force. The flow of arms into Gaza from Egypt flows unhindered and unashamed. The rockets used now really get inland in Israel and do more damage.

Israel finally, after letting 1000 rockets hit their cities, had to push back a little and fired back for a couple days, but United States Federal powers went in and forced a cease fire. Of course Israel stopped at the agreed time, and Gaza kept right on shelling Israel for at least another hour, and then claims they won the war, because Israel quit firing first. This is very typical of these not just Godless heathen people, but openly God hating people as they carry out their sworn duty to wage Jihad massacres against all Christians and Jews in the world.

The problem Israel has is it was supposed to fully take over the land of Israel, but never did. They allowed the heathen to remain in Israel and God used the Philistines who originally lived in the area to constantly overpower Israel and control the Israelites. They never were removed as ordered by God. So to this day the land is a staging area for everything and everyone that hates God and His people.

Israel will never rise up and do the job assigned them 4000 years ago. This area is going to remain occupied by Satan’s followers till the Messiah comes back to Jerusalem and brings an end to the Gaza strip forever. Never again will there be people living there that are not part of Israel’s 12 tribes. It will finally be Jewish land without question or challenge.

God notes overstepping power

God monitors the nations, Jeremiah 18:7-10.

7 At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; 8 If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. 9 And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it; 10 If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them.

God has set limits on national powers, Deuteronomy 32:7–8.

7 Remember the days of old,
Consider the years of many generations:
Ask thy father, and he will shew thee;
Thy elders, and they will tell thee.

8 When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance,
When he separated the sons of Adam,
He set the bounds of the people
According to the number of the children of Israel.

Three violations triggers likely doom

Four violations eliminate pardon

Proper basis for three strikes laws

Gaza will deport a whole region, Amos 1:6b

Because they exiled an entire population,
Which they delivered to Edom.

Gaza already has displaced settlements by lies

The accounts of the many Jewish families that have struggled so very hard against impossible odds and countless Arab threats and actions, being forced from their homes and town to move to start all over again in some other place was heart rending. It did not just happen to one town, but to many in Israel, in the last big concession of towns and land to Gaza.

These people had stood their ground, believing that the land they bought with blood and hard earned cash, was theirs by public document and right as a Jewish person. These people had been driven from what they thought was their homelands to Israel to seek a place to live and to escape the atrocities carried out against them by even the governments, as well as countless Muslims who moved there just to kill Jews. They thought when they reached Israel and purchased land from Arabs, to get a clear and clean title to the land they built upon, as well as permission from the Israeli government that they could finally settle in peace.

No, the United States insisted there would be peace for Israel and all Arab aggressions, rockets, bombs, and other means of destruction and murder would magically cease. Israel must comply or face our wrath as well.

They complied at great cost, and with the whole Arab world looking on in great joy. The families that had done all they could think of to settle and be a peace were being driven out by bulldozers and by their own government, and there was no place to go to accommodate most of the people, because Israel has not been allowed to build more houses, while the Arabs do so illegally constantly and without limit.

Did anything change at all? Yes it did! Things got worse for Israel and have remained far worse. We next voted in an openly Muslim and non-American president and the whole Arab world rejoiced and immediately overthrew all non-Sharia law leaders. The last of the leaders is still apparently holding out, but will soon be gone in Syria. The Muslims have successfully purged their lands of any Christian philosophy or freedom of religion. All must be Muslim to live.

To add to the pain suffered by the displacement of thousands of Jewish people in their own homeland, the Arab attacks have simply increases and they saw success in their endeavors, and reward for their efforts. In spite of American guarantees and promises from the Arabs, the promised peace did not come, nor did any concessions happen on the Arab’s part.

Already Gaza should have lost all credibility in the world and simply lost their chance to govern, proving they cannot be trusted and will not seek to abide in peace with her neighbors. Instead of Gaza suffering as a result, the people have openly declared their independence and the United Nations has fully accepted them as a member, and Israel continues to be called the problem and only an illegal squatter on Arab land.

Gaza will exile all Jewish people in an area

As is clearly proven by the evidence, Gaza will win the political war. They have won the media war, and some might say they already have won the political war. It is only a matter of days before they actively move the Jews out, city by city and take over the land militarily. The amount of weapons they are amassing right now and stockpiling from Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and even the United States is amazing. Much of our weaponry is given to those in Iraq and Afghanistan and it immediately is in Gaza being used!

The accuracy and range of the missiles and rockets being fired into the heart of Israel has forced it to try to strike back and try to stop some of the horrible loss of life and buildings.

Of course, as soon as Israel tried to defend itself, we sent the most wicked in our Federal government over to stop it. As usual, Israel made and agreement and stuck to it. An hour after Gaza had promised to stop firing, they were still firing rockets, but Israel just took it, literally “turning the other cheek.” They had every right to continue, because Gaza did not abide by the cease-fire. Gaza continues to disregard it, but has had huge victory celebrations because they consider their damage to have won the war. They can fire at will now, and Israel has promised to not retaliate again!

Every rocket they fire, even if it does not land anywhere costs the Israeli government $30 million dollars to defend against by the Iron Dome system Israel had to develop. This cost is only for the single rocket replacement, it does not count all the other costs that go into running the system, building the system, and deploying it.

The money for the rockets in Gaza comes from us, and our generous bribes we pay every year to Gaza and all Arab countries to be at peace. Of course, our bribes have never gotten us even a small pittance of what we paid for, but we continue the payments anyway, upping it year after year too!

Gaza will put the exiles in Edom

Gaza will take the Jewish people from their beautiful cities and send them to the unlivable areas of Petra and the desert mountains of Edom.

Israel can actually turn the most desolate places into productive agricultural zones, producing the most highly prized produce in the world. Israel will be able to survive, better than anyone else, but the deportation of the Israelites will not be pleasant or done as a kindness. It will be something brokered for a great price in blood and money.

Messiah will end Gaza’s power, Amos 1:7

7 I will send down fire upon the wall of Gaza,
And it shall devour its fortresses;

Fire will break out on the walls

Fire will consume military units

Gaza will lose military & civil powers

There are two ways to purify a land. One is by flooding, which we see happening to America more and more each year, the other is by fire.

This last week a fire broke out in Massachusetts and killed over a dozen people. Did you look at the source of the fire? It was a brothel of prostitutes. God is taking action in places all across America, but are His people standing up to see they don’t get replaced with bigger places of filth?

Philistines will all die, Amos 1:8

8 And I will wipe out the inhabitants of Ashdod
And the sceptered ruler of Ashkelon;
And I will turn My hand against Ekron,
And the Philistines shall perish to the last man
—said the Lord God.

All in Ashdod will be exterminated

Israel miraculously took Ashdod from the Egyptians in 1948. The city there today was a carefully planned city, built on the unused sands outside the ancient city. Because of the careful planning, residents are not subject to the pollution from the industrial section, and it is very easy to get around Ashdod and into the neighborhoods.


Google Map of Ashdod

The city today is mostly Jewish and there is a large Orthodox Jewish community there. The city is important to Israel and 60% of the imports and exports are handled through Ashdod’s port.

According to the text, the city will not remain in Israel’s hands. As with anything successful in Israel, the Arabs will not rest till they have it, and of course as soon as they get it, they don’t maintain it, so it will be another dirty town afterwards. The Arabs also will not tolerate the Jewish residents and will sell off the people there to other countries, to make a quick riddance of them, and of course they will kill as many as they possibly can first.


“Ashdod” by fabrice on

By not looking to the Scriptures for guidance, the Nation of Israel is making a mistake building this wonderful city, because all investment will be lost, and it will soon be the place of horrors when the Arabs get it.

Ashkelon’s leaders will die

The Egyptians had a military post in the Arab city in the area then called Majdal. By the time the Israelites moved in there were less than a thousand residents in the area after the Egyptians abandoned it. While the Israelites decided what to do with the town, the population swelled to 2500 Arabs. The Israeli government offered those in the area generous inducements to leave and join their people in Gaza, and most accepted the offers.

By December 1948, Jewish people began to move into the area, and the name returned to its ancient and historical name of Ashkelon in 1953.


Ashkelon in Google Maps

Of course, the Arabs have objected to the Jewish presence in the area and have tried all kinds of ways to force the Jewish people out, making all kinds of claims and types of warfare. In 2008 the town was being hit by rockets from the Gaza Strip, and over 100 people were killed and much damage done to the city. The town has continued to sustain death and injury by the Arabs and their intent to kill all Jewish people and to have the very beautiful and well organized city for themselves.


Ashkelon Panoramic View by “I captured” on July 21, 2008 in released for public domain use

This prophecy indicates that the governing rulers of Gaza will set up their headquarters in Ashkelon soon, and God promises that they will be executed for their horrible actions in overstepping their bounds by attacking Israel and Israelites and treating them like animals.

All in Ekron will die

Ekron is a very interesting city. There is a great discussion as to where the original city was located and whether or not the one called that today by archaeologists is really the city. At best the location is a wild guess! However, the pinpointed location is not that important. There is a vibrant Jewish city by that name, if not at the exact location, it is very close to it, and its name today was chosen to carry on the ancient name of the city.

Today it is without doubt Kiryat Ekron. In 1948, the Arabs that were living in the town disbanded and abandoned the town. It was then settled by Bulgarian and Yemenite Jewish refugees expelled from those countries. The area has been an agricultural area of citrus and banana groves. It is the largest commercial center in Israel today.

All “Palestinians” will die

The Arabs that are swelling the areas around and in Israel are all there to stop Jewish presence and expansion. They are all declared and open enemies of Israel and all Jewish people everywhere.

God promised Israel the whole territory, not just the little sliver of land they have carved out to live inside. He has given it for all Israelites to live around His Holy Temple. Today the Jewish people are fighting to keep their land, and they keep giving away their cities to the Arabs as fast as they can build them and make them desirable places to live. The Arabs on the other hand, refuse to take care of anything they get, and soon have the cities in shambles.

The Scriptures of Amos and the other prophets suggest that one day soon we will see some really horrible massacres and land grabs by the Arabs that will be successful. We currently have a Federal Government that is very much Muslim and in sympathy with those who wish to see all Jewish people brutally massacred and all Americans to suffer the same fate. They are being allowed to move into our communities of America and continue their vendettas against us here in our homeland. They have already destroyed several important buildings and killed many people among us.

God has declared that there is a death penalty that is required by all those who join the Arabs and continue their cause and implement their philosophy of death.

We are here to stop this whole abandonment of God in America, and we must not only pray fervently for our country, we need to do whatever is possible within the confines of God’s Word and the law to confront the takeover of America by the forces of darkness and evil. Going overseas to hand deliver to the Muslims everything we can occupy is not the solution. We should be setting boundaries for the Muslims instead and cutting off our billions of foreign bribe money to them every year.


Google Map showing the north end of the Gaza Strip and the Cities that will be part of it soon.

The Dry Roar


Our daily studies have taken us to the book of Amos. Today we worked on Amos 1:2. The verse talks about how God is going to come to mount Zion and roar like a lion in Jerusalem, and against all the enemies that Israel has, which makes up most of the world.

But this roar from God is not just noise. It is so powerful that it blows away the countryside homes and dries up the pastures for the farm animals. God’s roar is so powerful it brings about immediate changes to the geography of the area. In other words, no one, not even a deaf person, can be ignorant of God’s roar.

By why does God let these very desirable homes and choice pastures just blow away? Isn’t that destructive? Isn’t that harmful? Isn’t that going backwards in civilization? What good can come from destroying the creature comforts that have been built up over time?

First, God’s own people are not innocent. They have made deals with their enemies and sought to befriend those who seek to destroy them. God had told them to completely clear the land of those that serve other gods. Israel never did obey that rule, and instead intermarried with the heathens around them, and has always absorbed their heathen cultures and customs. When God comes to town and roars, it is because He is incredibly angry and it is time to finally put any and all who compromise with the devil and his people to death.

Second, there’s been so much bloodshed in and around Jerusalem, that the whole area needs a thorough purging. Add to this the diseases and corruptions from immorality and unethical behavior, and you have soil that is extremely polluted. The only way to clean the whole mess up is to literally blast away all human residences, and destroy all plant life in the area. Even the animals and insects need to fast so that their systems can be purified and cleansed.

Third, everyone in the world needs to understand that God is present, and that he will not tolerate even the least transgression from His laws which were created for the benefit and health of mankind. Refusing to learn and follow God’s instructions, is a sure way to be locked into a life of corruption and misery. God’s roar signals that man’s freedoms are finally curbed. No longer will it be permitted for people to act criminally, immorally, depraved, or even improperly and so continue the effects of sin and disease.

Oh yes, we get riled up and then we roar, but when we roar bad things happen! People get hurt and disease spreads. When God roars, things cleanup, and get moved back into proper position, and what is right and proper becomes established.

To see this study and how it relates in subject matter, timeline, and just plain facts, see Amos 1:2 in the Prophecy Guide.

God’s Spirit Poured Out


Today’s devotions centered around the famous and often misused verse, Joel 2:28. The context is how things are going to be in the Millennium, after Christ has completed his all out warfare campaign to take over the Earth.

The world has sold itself to the Devil and all that is wicked, even though it does not have the right to do so. The world stands for everything that is against God.

Mankind fully believes that sin is a luxury and privilege.  Christianity is a religion of sinful privilege, instead of a religion of separation from sin as taught in the Scriptures. As such, Churches flaunt their lack of interest in Spiritual matters and laws of Scripture for that which is sinful and condemned by God. They claim they “live by grace” but have no grace, because they have no boundaries as set forth by their Creator.

So, once there is a very bitter military campaign to take the world over again, and most of the population of the world will be killed, and the only people left are those that accept God, His Word, His salvation, and His Spirit, God’s Holy Spirit will be poured out on all.

Now the verse is very clear that this pouring out of God’s Spirit is on all creatures. Wild animals are wild because they have no spirit in them. They are just bodies controlled by lust and appetite. They have no sense of right or wrong or any sense of boundaries. It is what the world seeks to become: Human wild animals! But, just as a rabid animal has to be executed, all that adopt such thinking have to be executed as well.

But, the indication of the pouring out of all of God’s Spirit will be seen in the social changes. This verse is everything but what the Pentecostal and Charismatic cults have done with the verse! Society will be so different that the younger folks will go about proclaiming God’s word. Instead of being out there to play and abuse themselves and all they meet, they will be studying the Scriptures and going about preaching what they learn!

Next the elderly will be very energetic and full of vigor, so that they are able to dream about things, and act as if they are youngsters. The point being, instead of becoming sedentary and very weak as they age, they will remain vigorous, active and full of energy and enthusiasm.

And thirdly, the younger men will be full of vision about how things need to be and in full awareness of how to accomplish what needs to be done. The contrast is the younger men of today who are impetuous, and do things without an awareness of what they are really doing.

Those who are the true believer in God, His Son, and His redemption, are given the Holy Spirit to help them learn and develop. There are very few today that have the Holy Spirit of God indwelling them. In the future, once the world is forced to comply with God, the Spirit of God will be on all creatures of the world. “Worldliness” will be done, and gone. Wholesomeness, vitality, energy, and awareness will the norm!

So, come Lord Jesus! Lets get started!