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Some Golden Daybreak


We got another set of music scores finished this week! It is the music Glenda Macomber wrote for Some Golden Daybreak for Violin and Piano. It is very energetic and moving! The kind of music that brings God’s people to their feet in praise of God.

We have included a synthesized reproduction of the combined scores so that the user can see what they sound like when a machine plays them. Of course, with a human playing them, there is a much better sound!

The cover is a photo of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, and the inside a little comment about the photo and today.

To see the prepared scores, use the following link:

Some Golden Daybreak for Violin and Piano.

Blessed Be the Name


Wow! I worked on this piece myself, redoing the notation work, and was it a job! But I did learn a lot about how to do it. Over the years I had keyed several hymns, and a few anthems in various programs, but I guess I forget more than I remember.

At any rate, this is a very beautiful piece for the piano and violin. It is not for the beginner pianist! But when mastered it is the most beautiful I have ever heard. It would be great if we could add sound files, so people can hear it, including those that cannot play it!

The cover has a photo of the Jerusalem, and it does not have that ugly mosque at the forefront! So it is a very beautiful photograph. The inside of the cover is about the name of God and what it means when it is the blessed Name!

The music is available as the second piece listed on link to the page below:

Blessed Be the Name for Violin and Piano.

My Anchor Holds


My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness! What a statement! The photo that graces the cover of this piece is of an old ship that used to sail on the Galilee Lake. This age old lake is much smaller than it used to be, but still a wonderful lake.

The back side of the cover is about the importance of a strong anchor to help us stay in place in the many storms of life that come our way as a child of God.

To find out about the fellow that wrote the music, use this link to his story on our Hymn Stories section of another website we have:

Daniel Towner photo and information.

To see this wonderful arrangement for violin and piano use the following link:

My Anchor Holds music for violin and piano.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness


God is faithful, and defines faithfulness. Mankind defines unfaithfulness. People are so unfaithful to God, to their spouses, to their jobs, to their responsibilities, to their children, to their families, to their church, and even to themselves! Man is unfaithful and untrustworthy, but God is faithful.

This hymn talks about the incredible wonder of having a personally faithful and loving God. While the gods of this world (Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Isis, Ra, earth spirit, etc.) are all cruel and mean, God is there faithfully ready to work with us all the time. In fact he puts His spirit into His committed followers.

This great piece has been arranged by Glenda Macomber to portray the beauty of this time tested hymn, and with the violin it is simply splendid and incredible. We are offering it freely for now, but remember this all comes at a great cost to those that do not much with which to pay to keep this offer open. If you can help us, please do!

To see this great hymn arrangement and the other pieces offered in this category, use the following link:

Violin and Piano Hymn arrangements.

Violin and Piano duets


We have added a new department! Glenda Macomber was assembling several books of arrangements she hoped to sell, but died before finishing. We have begun compiling the pieces in her Classic Violin Hymn Arrangement book to make available online.

If you would be so kind, donations to our church would be greatly appreciated to help fund this memorial website and the work involved in getting these to you!

The first set now online are:

  1. “Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings”
  2. “Count Your Many Blessings”
  3. “I Know Whom I Have Believed”
  4. “It Is Well with My Soul”
  5. “What if It were Today?”
  6. “When We See Christ”

These come with beautiful piano arrangements for a violin. Because Glenda Macomber was thoroughly versed in the ancient sacred laws of music, and lived a holy life, there is nothing better out there for spiritual quality and beauty. Not using pieces like this is a shame to put it mildly!

So to access the new hymn arrangements use this link: Classic Violin Hymn Arrangements.