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The Last Violin and Piano duets


We are getting to the last of the violin and piano duet music that we can find! We’ve now pulled out all the stops to clear the finish line! Here is today’s work:

Jesus Shall Reign. This piece was written by Cheryl Macomber and has a very simple piano part. Coupling the simplicity of the piano with the beauty and tension of the strings of the violin produces a very comforting and assuring statement that Jesus Shall Reign on this earth!

The cover is a photo of a meadow on Mount Carmel and inside the cover is a review of the things that happened on Mt. Carmel in Scripture. Click on the hymn title at the beginning of the paragraph before this one and take a look and listen to the piece! It is a wonderful hymn with a beautiful arrangement.

My Saviour’s Love. This cover is made from a photo of Caesarea Philippi and a river there. A short description is given of the mention in Scripture. The music is a powerful arrangement that carefully notices the words and makes the message of the hymn a very poignant statement. We are so happy that this musical score is now available with the robot’s playing of it!

Send the Light and Medley


Today we have added two beautiful pieces. Deborah Macomber transcribed the “Send the Light” pieces of music and Cheryl Macomber assembled the files. We now have the piano, violin and combined pieces on the download list.

There is another beautiful violin duet called the “Exaltation of Christ” medley. It takes several beautiful hymns and combines them into a wonderful piece of special music.

The pieces are offered freely in hopes God’s people will use them for His glory and honor! But if they are useful, let us know! There is no reason to have a website that no one uses!