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New Online Bible Reading Program


Guy reading Bible

Well, we finally with God’s help did it! We had to start from scratch to build the application, after spending days fixing and updating work others had done. Each system we spend hours fixing wound up with major deficiencies for what we needed. Finally, I threw down the gauntlet and grabbed my notepad and sketched out a major and complicated plan.

From there we transferred our ideas to a mind map, and even then it was too complicated to get our mind around it to see the whole as a working solution and know all bases were covered.

The mind map was the key to process. On paper it looked doable, but once it was laid out in a systematic way, all the logic worked when tested.

We grabbed the planned reading list and tested the mind map, and each time the reference seemed to be handled properly! So we went to work writing code. I must admit that several times I stopped and wanted to recheck the mind map, but after fiddling around, decided to just trust it and the many branches.

The moment of truth arrived and the code went into debugging. We ran all sorts of different references and combo’s through and it worked! Really shocking, when you know how much trouble a missing single quote or a missing or wrong semicolon will break the whole function. Praise God! Wow!

It made me wish I had just done my own work from the beginning instead of wasting hours upon hours working with already made stuff that had become dated and used poor methods. But in the end, all that fixing, actually made me a better coder and helped me learn the latest methods of writing secure code.

I must say that the reason I even tried to do this is because I had an under utilized Bible database that is used in my prophecy guide. I have stopped adding data lately, to work on other things, but it still is not a popular feature yet. It is amazing, but still not the tool Christians seek out for truth.

But also, once debugging process began, there was some glaring issues with the Bible data I had put together years ago. It needed fixing. That done, and we were on our way forward.

Check things out! We hope to gradually upgrade the website here and there as time allows and God grants the opportunity. Pray for us!