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Violin Audio Files Working Again….


Well! We were surprised to see the audio player was no longer working when we visited the Violin solo page! So it took a while to pick a new audio player, but we think we have one that should work in almost any browser!

We are sorry the sound files blanked out and hope it is not a problem to any of you! Give things another try and hopefully you will not be disappointed!

The page is: Classic Violin Hymn Arrangements

Also a note! My mother used to have beginning students just do the first verse of her arrangements. Then intermediate students would work on adding the second verse and advanced students would add the third verse. So don’t think that just because you cannot play through the whole arrangement you can’t use it! A lot of students never get past the easiest first verses!

Also she had certain pieces to begin with and other pieces once things were going better.  There is a whole range of hymns to check into.

If the student feels the one verse is too short, then she would have them play through it twice.

She always believed that less was more. So, going through a hymn twice was more than most will politely sit through, unless things were building and becoming more interesting. Many students fail to hold the interest of an audience when they try to play too long and too much, until they become very skillful.

My Anchor Holds


My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness! What a statement! The photo that graces the cover of this piece is of an old ship that used to sail on the Galilee Lake. This age old lake is much smaller than it used to be, but still a wonderful lake.

The back side of the cover is about the importance of a strong anchor to help us stay in place in the many storms of life that come our way as a child of God.

To find out about the fellow that wrote the music, use this link to his story on our Hymn Stories section of another website we have:

Daniel Towner photo and information.

To see this wonderful arrangement for violin and piano use the following link:

My Anchor Holds music for violin and piano.

The Lord Is My Shepherd


This is the old “Scottish Psalter” words that have been sung for hundreds of years. The words are timeless and have been precious to God’s people year after year, and generation after generation, all over the world! You simply cannot improve on them.

The photo on the cover is of the Jordan River, and after having seen many photos of the Jordan from people who had visited as well as professional photographs, this photos is the best! The Jordan is controlled by a dam, so it does not overflow its banks as in the Bible days, nor does it act as it used to, instead it just is a small stream that flows year round. The problem is most people think that this small stream was what it has always been. Water is a very precious commodity and not the plenteous thing it used to be in Israel. Things have been bad in Israel after the Romans salted the land and the Arabs then came through and plundered and destroyed it. Praise God there are people that love the Land! Praise God there are Jewish people that are willing to return to their land and actually take care of it and try to protect it from the constant and persistent Arab vandals.

But this piece is about how God shepherds His people in the presence of the enemies of the sheep, who are also enemies of God. It is simply beautiful.

The hymn is for violin and piano.

The hymn arrangement can be found among many other at:

The Lord Is My Shepherd arrangement

To the Regions Beyond


We now have the arrangement for harp, violin and piano as a trio ready for viewing and download! This is an old classic missionary hymn, designed to stir the heart into action for foreign missions.

The cover of for this piece is a view of Mount Hermon that Glenda Macomber had taken in one of her several visits to God’s Holy Land of Israel. In hopes of seeing the beauty of this place as spoken of in Scripture the family visited and one of their photos graces the cover. Inside the cover is a description of the photo and the verses about it and how it relates to the hymn. That alone is worth much, but then she has her incredible arrangement and the piece becomes priceless, so we are not asking for you to purchase it, just use it, but of course donations would help pay the bills to be able to present more like this and keep the website open for people to use!

Make use of this piece today by finding the title using the following link:

Violin Hymns and Sacred Music.