Exotic Woman

Today, in the study of Edom, we are only doing one verse. It is from I Kings 11:1. There Solomon lusted after many exotic women. There is so much in those words! First, God commands that His people not get involved with such women, because they are going to lead to destruction. In other words, such women are dangerous, and to be avoided to the point of losing your life! They are evil and pull anyone that pays attention to them into the depths of sin, corruption, filth, immorality, brokenness, financial ruin, lost (real) friends, and into a pit of diseases that don’t end except in painful death.

These women caused Solomon, the man God came and talked with twice, to abandon God for heathen practices and immoral living. The result was a satan in the form of an Edomite prince all his days, and the kingdom being torn from David’s throne. In other words, it led to not only Solomon’s discomfort, but to consequences for all of his children, and the eventual captivity of the remnant of Israel.

What can we learn? Even though we are close to God, we are always susceptible to falling into huge life changing depravity at any moment. The moment we fall, there are consequences that echo into the ages for our children and the family tree for many, many years. Repentance is not enough to remove the consequences of our action.

So, if the wisest man that ever lived could not fight the lusts of the flesh, why do we think we can do any better? The lusts of the flesh must be crucified and tortured at all costs to us. It cannot be allowed to raise its ugly head for a moment. That moment it raises from the dead is a moment that bears eternal consequences.

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