Edomites and Hatred

In the commandments of Scripture, the Israelite, and by implication the Christian, is not to detest the Edomite, since they were related. What a lesson to us! If someone is family you are not to detest them. America listen! This rule has to start in the home! Women need to quit detesting the person they vowed to love, honor and obey—Their husbands! Husbands need to love their wives, whom they also have vowed to love, honor and obey, but to the extent they would die for them. Abhorrence and hatred are easily breed in marriages, and then multiplied like offspring from them.

Children cannot detest their parents. God placed them in a home and they are required to honor their parents all their days. They are also commanded in the NEW Testament to obey their parents in the Lord, without an expiration date. Honor accompanies obedience and respect.

But what about the educational system that parents force their children to honor and respect, but the system teaches nothing but detestation of the parents through the classroom training of ideals at odds with parents, and a peer pressure system that despises parents? Are not children being taught by their parents to hate family? Is not the educational system of this world at complete odds with the plan and commands of God? Frankly, educational systems are nothing short of Hitler youth programs. Christians must flee all educational systems if they want to give their children a chance to learn to appreciate family and learn to respect and obey their parents. This includes so called Christian schools.

The next verses for today were even more shocking. While we are not to abhor the Edomite, or relative, do we accept them and their ways into our daily lives?

Saul had an Edomite as a royal shepherd that accompanied King Saul in day to day transactions. Saul loved to vex the nation of Edom, yet had an Edomite on his staff. When King Saul decided to kill the priests of God, his Israelite staff would not obey his orders, but the Edomite on staff was overjoyed at the opportunity, and jumped at such an opportunity.

What a lesson! If we keep relatives close at hand that hate God and us, what are we expecting to gain? Prodigal relatives are supposed to run AWAY from us, not feel comfortable living with us, under our shadow. The father of the prodigal son was overjoyed when the son returned, because he did not abhor his son, and welcomed his son back after the son can come to an end of his waywardness. The brother was upset, but learned that family ties are more important that business ties.

This truth is hammered home in the New Testament where Christians are told to return good for evil. Just because there are those that hate what is right and persecute those that obey God, it does not follow that God’s followers are to declare war on them. God’s people learn and grow while they suffer on this earth. As long as godless people are alive, there is an opportunity for them to be saved from Hell. Once they die, it is too late for salvation. There is no second chance after death.

To see where these thoughts originated, see the growing facts under Edomites in the Prophecy Guide. Another place to look is Abomination.

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One Response to “Edomites and Hatred”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts from Scripture. They are real refreshing to hear someone speak the truth. Just yesterday, someone passing by mentioned that children just don’t listen to parents anymore. One just got killed in an accident and the other was giving him heartache. We need to honor God’s Word and be serious about what it says!