Kept, Part 3

The key to abiding in Christ is by keeping His commandments, just as Christ kept the commandments of God. What a tall order! Christ studied the law intently as a son of Levi to the point he knew it better than the teachers of the law of His day! How is it that Christians think they can abide in Christ when they do not have devotions and conduct real fervent daily study of the Scriptures? Furthermore, how can they abide in Christ if they are not following one that does study Scripture fervently? So much for the church today! There is so much busy work and socializing, no one takes the time to study and follow Scripture, so everyone does that which is right in his own eyes.

Furthermore, Christ prayed to God about His disciples. He says that they were God’s and God gave them to Him. In other words, these men were men who were devout Jews, seeking to live the holy life, and to obey the Word of God. Christ thus knew them because of their intensely holy lives, and thus was able to solicit them as His own disciples. Because they were already living holy lives, they were able to be taught and they were able to understand the things the Lord Jesus spoke. Furthermore, instead of speaking parables to them with no explanation, He was able to explain his stories to the disciples, because they had spiritually fertile minds. The Gospels are proof that they took Christ’s Words reverently, because they record His actions and sayings from four different perspectives, but are in agreement. In this same line, churches today cannot be built on new Christians, but must be built on solid, holy people. Paul went first to the synagogues, because that was the most likely place to find devout people who were obedient to God. He did not always find people there that were devout, but when he did, he was able to convert them, and build a church with them. Today’s methods of church planting involve trying to entertain people into being conned into coming to “church services” and trying to extract money from them so that more entertainment can be provided. This is all wrong. A church must be built on those who are already living a devout and holy life that are pliable to the Word of God and just need encouragement to organize in obedience to the Savior.

Of course there is more, but time is short! To see the study, use the following link:
Keep, Obey Requirements

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One Response to “Kept, Part 3”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Wow! This is very interesting! Christ tells us that If we really love Him, or want to love Him, we will desire to do His will and will study to know what He wants from us. We study and find He says over and over, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” Once we do that, we learn more about Him and His great love for us!