Joel and the Day of God

We have been privileged to have the skills necessary to completely rewrite the administration system of the website to more intuitively handle data change and entry! Praise the Lord! Version 5 was simply taking too long to enter data, and changes were really difficult. Things are now streamlined to help with the whole process, and we have been sailing through the great work of Joel.

The book is on the Day of God, or more popularly known, the Day of the Lord. The saints are coming back to this earth in a huge army. They are going to go through whole countries as if they were driving chariots, but walls and buildings will not stop them. They will enter buildings through openings and completely and systematically in rank and file completely obliterate whole countries!

The earth will have a huge earthquake before they come and there will be the heavy darkness over the earth that can be felt, just as in the plaques of Egypt. The inhabitants of the world will be filled with sheer terror and many will be executed.

But what comes before their coming is the destruction of Israel’s farms and farmland. The nation will not be able to offer sacrifices to God on the Temple altar. It will force the nation to declare and have a day of fasting and repentance. Their repentance triggers the change in things and Christ and His vast uncountable army will come and obliterate whole countries on their way to Israel. Take time to look the Prophecy Guide over! It is getting more useful!

We also took time to look over the to do pile. We need to finish the work in Joel, do the book of Amos, finish Obadiah, and get back to Revelation and finish the many verses of work started there. In other words, we have lots of unfinished work to do and fresh work to cover!

The changes we made to the administration side, will spill over into the public webpages in the near future, should the Lord’s coming be delayed. Right now we are getting closer to implementing a totally new timeline layout! We can hardly wait!

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