Jesus Loves Me music

Wow! time passes quickly, but we have another piece ready for use! Jesus Loves Me is an old favorite, and this arrangement for it makes it a thrilling spiritual song! The music is for a violin and piano duet, and we have added a new feature: the ability to hear a synthetic reproduction of the music. This does not have the human element in it, but it should give the user the ability to get a good idea of how it is supposed to sound. The little music player we have seems to work fine except for Google Chrome browsers. Not sure why though!

The cover is a photo of a “Fisherman” on the east side of the Sea of Galilee. The inside of the cover has an outline of I John and what it means to know that Jesus Loves Us.

So putting it all together is a wonderful little package! Hope you can use it and enjoy it!

To get to this offer, use the following link:

Jesus Loves Me music for piano and violin by Glenda Macomber

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