I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord!

This is a beautiful hymn and the arrangement is very true to the words!

We have just set this one up for violin and piano duets, and it is packaged with a beautiful photo of the Broad Wall of Jerusalem. It also includes a description of this wall and the hope we have of entering the great walls of the New Jerusalem! What a day that will be! Finally we will be home, and our home is eternally secure!

If we cannot sing the words of this hymn with our full heart, there is something wrong. Maybe we are too much like Lot’s wife and so nothing more than a stump of minerals. Do we have a heart for that which is holy or are we so earthly minded we are of no value but to be strewn among the bones of the ungodly? Certainly there cannot be anything this world has to offer that could possibly compare with the wonders of Heaven!

To see and download this hymn created under the direction of Glenda Macomber, please use the following link:

I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord arrangement for violin and piano

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