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After getting Harmony lesson 13 done, I could not resist the urge to put the site news on the main page. Up till now, users had to click on the tiny link at the bottom of the page to go to my main website to see the filtered results.

Now, when people arrive to the main page, they can look and see what has been added, and any other news.

So, enjoy the new setup! I already am!

Use this link to see: Sanctuary Strings

Harmony Posting


On reviewing the home page of the Sanctuary Strings website, it was noticed it did not have the announcement of the harmony lessons included. That has been fixed as well as the fixing of the layout on the title page of the harmony department. Now there is a consistent look to all the harmony pages!

To see the changes use the following link:

The Sanctuary Strings website.

Website adjustments


We changed the main menu system to a light blue, and also changed the background to the same color.  We also added an “information” category to the main menu with a link to Cheryl Macomber’s violin website as well as a link to contact my email address. We also did some changes to the Book credit box in the Harmony pages.