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Harmony Lesson 13

There were a bunch of delays, but finally this lesson is finished and ready for use!

It is some examples of harmony and some exercises. Time to make those chords resolve into the next chord properly! The lesson has lots of chord resolutions and inversion examples and so is an excellent help in building an understanding of the laws of music.

So if you have done the other harmony lessons, here is the link to take you to the latest lesson: Harmony Lesson 13.

Otherwise, you need to start at the first lesson and learn what music is! Once you learn the laws of harmony, you will be able to understand why contemporary and heathen forms of noise making are harmful and in violation of God’s laws of harmony and beauty.

Harmony Lesson 12 up

Well howdy! We were able to get lesson 12 up and running! A couple music pieces overflow the margins, so we may have to do some more tinkering on this, but at least the major work is done! We also ran a validator on the code to see how we are doing. It caught some problems, so we corrected most of them. Later, we will have to examine our headers and all to see if we can make things better there, but for the most part, it passes fine.

This lesson is on chord inversions. It tells how the chords are inverted and what the code is so that it can be communicated. The whole process is very basic to the laws of harmony, but also very important to know so that they can be chosen properly.

To see lesson 12, use our link: Harmony Chord Inversions

Harmony Lesson 11

Last week we got this lesson done, and just now we are getting around to announcing it! Oh, well!

This lesson moves forward to the more technical aspects of harmony and focuses on the important dominant seventh chord and the transitions to and from it. This is what makes music have some tension that gets resolved and so makes it come alive.

Please take a moment to learn this important aspect of music composition. Master it, because it is very important!

To see this lesson use the link: Harmony Lesson 11 on the Dominant Seventh Chord.

Harmony Lesson 10

This lesson put the skids on our progress, because we wanted to make a flash driven quiz. This is new to us, so we had to learn a few things first, and then figure out how to layout the process. Then, after building what we thought would work, we had to debug and basically rewrite the whole things again a few more times.

Well, the quiz is done and has been used and tested. We hope it will help you in your studies. If there is a weak point in your learning so far, this should help identify it, so you can go back and review.

But that was not all. The second part of Lesson 10 is a lesson! So we not only had to build the quiz, but the regular lesson as well. The lesson presented new challenges for us, and we had to get a better music notion software to remake the graphics. This had to be done through the mail system, and so it delayed the results for a couple of weeks. But finally we got back to it and the lesson has been finished and is ready!

Again, this lesson has been up for a couple of weeks now, so we apologize for the delay in the announcement!

To use this lesson, the link is: Harmony Lesson 10 Quiz.

Harmony Lesson 9

Again, I did not remember to advertise our work, so this is very late!

We now have Harmony Lesson 9 done and ready for use. The writers added some clip art to make the lesson more fun to view, so enjoy the little decorations.

The lesson is on learned to recognize chords by ear. It is an important lesson for one interested in learning to write music.

So, to use this lesson, we offer the following link: Harmony Lesson 9 on Chord Listening.

Harmony Lesson 8

I forgot about this news entry I was supposed to make! So I apologize for not writing this sooner. We have the next lesson on Sub Dominant chords done and and ready.

There is a matching of statments to help review the material, and a exercise to put a harmony tune together. Enjoy and learn!

The lesson can be seen here: Harmony Lesson 8 on the Subdominant Chord

Harmony Lesson 6 & 7 Online

In the wee hours of the morning we were able to prepare and install the next two harmony lessons! This includes lesson 6 which is on the dominant chord as well as lesson 7 which is on the harmony of both the tonic and dominant chords. Hope you can use them! To see the work, use the following links:

Harmony Lesson 6

Harmony Lesson 7

Harmony Lesson 5

The fifth harmony lesson is redone and it is a review lesson. All the artwork is also redrawn. To see the lesson use the following link:

The fifth harmony lesson of review.

Harmony Lesson 4

The Fourth Harmony lesson is on the Tonic chord. All the graphics have been redone and it is now online. To see it use the following link:

Tonic Chord lesson.