1. Zion is the City of David, II Samuel 5:7
  2. Zion is the home of the virgin daughters, II Kings 19:20-22
  3. Zion is a permanent and eternal city, much like the child of God, Psalm 125:1.
  4. Zion is where God will dwell, Isaiah 8:18
  5. Zion will be humbly recognized as the City of God by all those that despised her, Isaiah 60:14
  6. Zion will be the place of deliverance, Obadiah 1:17
  7. Zion is different than the New Jerusalem, Zion being the earthly city of God and Jerusalem being the Heavenly city, Hebrews 12:22
  8. Zion is where the Lord Jesus will meet with the 144,000 Jewish people, Revelation 14:1
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