Current Areas Needing Moral Influence

  1. Aids Virus—to be treated by quarantine or the death penalty for sexual offenses, Leviticus 13:45-46; Romans 1:24-31
  2. Divorce—is an admittance of refusing God's Law, but penality of singleness must be kept afterwards.
  3. Criminology—restitution must be made for damages: life for life, limb for limb, cost for cost
  4. Education System—Parents must take charge of, sacrificing their own desires; not the church or government
  5. Women's rights—"guide the home" and in process expand in business ventures, Titus 2:4-5; Proverbs 31:10-31
  6. Minority rights—All men created equal, but not all are qualified or capable of the live of luxury, leadership, ownership, privilege, etc.
  7. Abortion—Babies are human from conception.
  8. Families are to work together, and children are to be loved.
  9. Debt is to be avoided, Romans 13:8.
  10. Business is to be conducted on an honest basis, Romans 12:17; Acts 6:3
  11. Pervasive societal gambling
    1. Insurance industry based on gambling philosophy: pay little regularly and reap huge dividends at some indeterminate point in future
    2. Retirement based on stock market, futures, investments, etc. gamble
    3. Use of courts to win big
    4. Marriage or “living together” attitudes
    5. Lotteries, gambling houses, bingo, etc.
  12. Government—to overlord and badger, Romans 13
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