Crisis Handling in Psychology

  1. Loved ones do not always have good advice! Job’s wife hated to see him suffering and wanted Job to give up his faith and hope and just die and end the pain, Job 2:9-10
  2. Sometimes neighbors are more help than a relative that does not live close by, Proverbs 27:10
  3. It takes strength to get through a crisis. Those that fail are weak, Proverbs 24:10
  4. Money cannot purchase deliverance when God’s wrath is being out poured, Zephaniah 1:18
  5. God is a refuge and immediate help to the Child of God, Psalm 46:1
  6. God’s child does not need to be afraid of circumstances, not matter what is happening, Psalm 46:2
  7. The time of world wide crisis is a time when God’s redemption is near, Luke 21:25-28
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