1. The mountains will melt, including Mt. Sinai when Christ leaves Seir, Judges 5:4-5
  2. The mountains and hills will melt like wax in Christ’s presence, Psalm 97:5
  3. The earth is going to really shake and roll when things are leveled, Isaiah 24:19-20
  4. The mountains are going to flow down as the heavens are torn and great fire burns everything evil, Isaiah 64:1-2
  5. Jesus is going to come and stomp down the high places, and the mountains will melt under him, like molten wax, Micah 1:3-4
  6. The mountains will shake at the presence of the Lord, Nahum 1:5
  7. The mountains will scatter as Christ surveys the world, Habakkuk 3:6
  8. The Day of the Lord is going to be loud as earthly works are burned up and things melt down, II Peter 3:10
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