Treatment for Loneliness

  1. Believe that God reigns over all, and rejoice in that fact, Psalm 97:1
  2. Isolation serves to protect one from attacking hordes, Psalm 97:2
  3. God’s work in our life purges improper and unholy associations, Psalm 97:3
  4. Being a part of those who are given light to see with means we will see we often stand alone with God, Psalm 97:4
  5. The Lord Jesus is going to come and break down the reasons that make loneliness necessary today, Psalm 97:5
  6. Look to the heavens to be reminded of God’s glory, honor, plan, and provisions, and have others look too, Psalm 97:6
  7. Confusion comes to all those that serve anything other than God. Furthermore, all such will be forced to bow before God. Being lonely now saves us from the suffering that would come, Psalm 97:7
  8. Look for the news of where God is working as judge, and to the future when He will judge, Psalm 97:8
  9. God’s perspective is high above the earth, ours is very limited to what is around us. Being one with God allows us to rest in the heavenlies with God, Psalm 97:9
  10. Loneliness is a means of God’s preserving power on our soul, Psalm 97:10
  11. Not only does God give His saints light to see, but also gladness, Psalm 97:11
  12. We have much to thank God for, and must do it to remember God’s holiness, Psalm 97:12
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