The Bible Says It

A Topical Bible Dictionary

by Pastor Clinton Macomber

Since the very words of the Scriptures are inspired by God, and are absolutely accurate in everything stated; those who are the saints must know and do all that the Scriptures teach in all areas. So, what does the Bible actually say?


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  1. It is wickedness to take collateral from friends for small loans, Job 22:6
  2. It is wicked to take articles of modesty and necessity from the poor, Job 22:6
  3. The wicked take away the means of income from the widow, Job 24:3
  4. Those who dwell on God’s Holy hill cannot have ever loaned money demanding interest, Psalm 15:5
  5. A Biblical prayer against slanderers is that they suffer from having to repay loans to extortioners, Psalm 109:2, 11
  6. Income made through high interest and fees is gathered for someone else to give to those in need, Proverbs 28:8
  7. In a future day, life will be given to those who among other just things, have not loaned money with interest, Ezekiel 18:8
  8. Those who have debts forgiven are judged harshly when they demand the payment of debt, Matthew 18:28
  9. Christians are to lend not expecting interest or reward in return, Luke 6:34-35
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