God said it... I believe it! Oh how I wish that things could be that simple in all areas of our life!

The Bible is the ultimate authority in all areas of our lives. This means that it gives us direction and practical principles in each and every situation that one may find himself. This includes men’s “sciences.” Included in this selection of doctrines are also some of the “sciences” of today and a Biblical basis with which to view them.

For quick reference, the following is in outline form and each category is in alphabetical order; not in the order of importance. Importance could start at Bibliology (the basis of all other doctrines), then go to Theology, then Christology, Pneumatology, and etc.

May we ever be searching the Scriptures to find out all that we can learn before the day comes when knowledge will cease.

Because the contents have been drawn from a whole library of information, virtually making it impossible to trace the ideas back to their origin, the lengthy bibliography has been left off. The Bibliography has also been excluded because the format does not lend to human credit as each statement is intended to stem from the Bible.

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