Virgin Birth

Jesus Christ

Refusing to Harken

  1. Adam and Eve immediately demonstrated the effects of sin by their fleeing to hide when they heard God’s voice calling them, Genesis 3:8
  2. The heartbroken testimony of the sons of Jacob mentions that they would not heed the cries of Joseph. Their hardheartedness brought them a life-time of grief, Genesis 42:21
  3. Moses was sent to the Israelites to give them the words of God that promised deliverance and a land that would be theirs. But they would not heed Moses because they were in such anguish and bondage, they did not care, Exodus 6:9
  4. God told Moses that Pharaoh would be belligerent and would not respond to the Word of God. The result would enable God to demonstrate to the world, His own power and glory, and that He fulfills the impossible, once it is promised, Exodus 7:4
  5. There is a final doom to those that do not listen to those who have God’s wisdom, Proverbs 5:11
  6. It is a scorner that does not hear a rebuke, Proverbs 13:1
  7. Those that refuse to hear God’s law also do not have prayers that are heard, Proverbs 28:9
  8. A poor person’s wisdom is despised and his words are not heard, Ecclesiastes 9:16
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