Enemies of God

  1. The enemies of God will be burned like the fat of sacrificial animals, Psalm 37:20
  2. The Sorcerer, Elymas, sought to dissuade a deputy from the faith, was confronted by Paul and called the enemy of righteousness. He was then blinded for a season, Acts 13:10
  3. We were all enemies of God, until we were saved by the life of Jesus, Romans 5:10
  4. We were at one time enemies of God in our mind, but are changed and worked with to present to Him as holy, Colossians 1:21
  5. Paul weeps as he speaks of those that walk as enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, Philippians 3:18
  6. Friendship with the world, makes us an enemy of Godhead, James 4:4
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