1. Those that give us comfort are easily approached for a favor, Ruth 2:13
  2. We know we will not be ashamed by God, because He comforts us, Psalm 86:17
  3. The earth brakes out in song over our being comforted by God, Isaiah 49:13
  4. God’s comfort of Zion will be the turning of desert to His gardens, Isaiah 51:3
  5. The waste areas of Jerusalem will joyfully sing because God will comfort His people and redeem Jerusalem, Isaiah 52:9
  6. The Jews will flow to Zion to rejoice for the abundance and because God has turned the sorrows to joy, Jeremiah 31:12-13
  7. God’s followers are able to comfort others, Ezekiel 14:22-23
  8. Even though God’s cities will spread all over, God will choose Jerusalem and comfort Zion, Zechariah 1:17
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