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Clothing Tassels

Otherwise called locks of string, fringes, tufts, or tzitzits. Bible translators used fringes, hem, corner, skirt, and border of garment.

  1. Israelites were to wear them on their garments, Numbers 15:38
  2. The tassels were to be of their own making, Numbers 15:38
  3. The tassels were to be worn by each and every generation, Numbers 15:38
  4. The tassels were to be on the edges (corners) of the garment, Numbers 15:38
  5. The tassels are to be tied with a blue thread, Numbers 15:38
  6. The tassels are to be visible, Numbers 15:40
  7. The tassels are cause mindfulness of the commandments of God, Numbers 15:39
  8. The tassels remind a person to observe and do the commandments of God, Numbers 15:39
  9. The tassels are to deter a person from following their lustful heart, Numbers 15:39
  10. The tassels are to deter a person from following the urges of the eyes, Numbers 15:39
  11. The tassels are to publicly state a person no longer follows his own desires, Numbers 15:39
  12. The tassels are to serve as reminders to observe all God’s commands, Numbers 15:40
  13. The tassels are to serve as reminders to be holy to God, Numbers 15:40
  14. The tassels are worn in obedience to the God who redeemed His people, Numbers 15:41
  15. Twisted, bundled threads are to be worn on the four panels (corners) of the garment, Deuteronomy 22:12
  16. Ruth asked Boaz to touch her with his tassel to indicate he will follow God’s laws in handling her case, Ruth 3:9
  17. David cut off King Saul’s tassel when they were in the same cave, I Samuel 24:4
  18. Ten men of all nationalities will grab the tassels of a Jewish man and vow to follow him due to the blessing of God on the Jewish man, Zechariah 8:23
  19. Christ wore tassels, Matthew 9:20
  20. Touching the tassels of Christ brought healing, Matthew 9:20
  21. Invalids lined the streets in the Gennesaret district hoping to be able to touch Christ’s tassels as He passed for healing, Matthew 14:36; Mark 6:56
  22. Showy religious leaders make and wear oversized tassels to attract attention, Matthew 23:5
  23. The woman with an incurable bleeding ulcer was healed the instant she touched the tassels of Christ’s garment, Luke 8:44
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