Impeccability of Christ

“What can be said of His person can be said of His divine nature”—Chalcedon.

  1. Had 2 natures (Romans 1:3-4; I Timothy 2:5) united in one person, John 17:23; I John 4:2. If Christ was one person, then it is impossible for Christ to be tempted as a human being only.
  2. Human velleity was always in obedience to the divine will, Matthew 26:39, 42, 44; Philippians 2:8.
  3. The divine nature was the base of His person, John 1:1, 14.
  4. Bible presents Him as a completely holy person, not someone who won victory over sinful temptation, Hebrews 7:26.
  5. His unchangeability guarantees it, Hebrews 13:8.
  6. His omnipotence guarantees it.
  7. His omniscience guarantees it.
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