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  1. A beard can become diseased. The plague of the beard is when there is when there are itchy skin lesions that have a fine yellow hair in them, Leviticus 13:39-20.
  2. Skin diseases can be harbored in a beard. All body hair, including the beard must be shaved off to initiate final cleansing from leprosy, once the symptoms have passed, followed by a complete shaving of all hair a week later, Leviticus 14:8-9.
  3. God establishes the beard-shape and lines. Shaving the edges of the beard is prohibited, Leviticus 19:27.
  4. Natural beard lines indicate respect for God and His design. God’s priests cannot shave the edges or sides of their beards because they are set apart as holy to God, Leviticus 21:5.
  5. Beards can be a means of one’s downfall. The beards of lions and bears enable humans to gain control of them to kill them, I Samuel 17:35.
  6. Civilized men maintain a clean, dry beard. Letting spit run down the beard is a symptom of mental disease, I Samuel 21:13.
  7. A marred and uneven beard line is an overwhelming shame. To demonstrate immense hatred of David, the King of Ammon shaved off half of their beards and cut their clothing in half, II Samuel 10:4.
  8. Marred beard lines are reason enough to stay away from work and home. David told his humiliated half-beard-shaven messengers to wait at a distant city before returning home and to work, until their beards have grown back. This demonstrates that shaving the beard off, or trying to sculpt the beard were unacceptable solutions among people that honor God, II Samuel 10:5; I Chronicles 19:5.
  9. Not fashioning the beard is a sign of distress. Mephibosheth had become a cripple, and when his servant boycotted his desire to join the company fleeing the palace with King David, he refused to “do” (to fashion, work, groom) his beard, along with his clothing and body, as a sign of his unhappiness, II Samuel 19:24. Notice he did not pull out his beard, or shave it as the heathens do!
  10. A man’s beard is private and personal. Joab kissed his own hand and then reached out to “put” the kiss on Amasa’s beard, as a sign of deep friendship and closeness. But instead, Joab grabbed Amasa’s beard and stabbed him, causing a slow painful death, II Samuel 20:9-10.
  11. A sign of deep grief and horror is evidenced by pulling out beard hair. Ezra was so horrified at receiving the list of heathen Israelite marriages that he demonstrated the desecration of God’s name among His people by ripping out his hair and beard, Ezra 9:3.
  12. Beards can be anointed to give off a permeating aroma. The holy anointing oil was poured over the head of the High Priest and allowed to run down the beard and onto the holy garments. This produced a distinctive aroma that covered the horrible odors of burning sacrificial animals and other animal by-products (manure, etc.), Psalm 133:2.
  13. Beards must be shaved to purify for service. God will hire the Assyrian King to shave all the hair from off the bodies of the men of Judah, including their beards. This is a necessary procedure that is used to ensure all possible measures of cleanliness have been taken to prepare God’s people for holy service, Isaiah 7:20 with Numbers 8:7.
  14. Heathens shave off their beards. The Moabites are going to shave off their hair and beards to demonstrate their shame and frustration over the loss of cities in their area, Isaiah 15:2; Jeremiah 48:37.
  15. The willfully ignorant think heathen practices including beard shaving is acceptable to God. After those who were valuable in God’s eyes among the Israelites had been deported to Babylon, there were 80 men who came from key Israelite cities to offer gifts to God, but in a manner learned from the wicked heathen people they had intermingled, reminiscent of Cain and his offering, Jeremiah 41:5 with Genesis 4:3-5.
  16. A shaven beard evidences absolute shame, humility and loss of privilege. Shaving the beard off is so rare among God’s people, that it serves as a warning sign when done by a prophet, Ezekiel 5:1-5.
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