Backsliding Facts

  1. When “God’s people” go out of their way to avoid God and His blessings, they commit two sins: forsaking God and seeking their own independence from God, Jeremiah 2:5, 13, 36
  2. The righteous person lives by faith, and those that withdraw, cause God frustration, Hebrews 10:38
  3. Backsliding serves as a rebuke, demonstrating the evil practice of forsaking God, and further proving a lack of reverence for God, Jeremiah 2:19
  4. When people return to God after backsliding, God heals them, demonstrates His love to them, and turns away His anger, Hosea 14:2-4
  5. Returning to God after backsliding enables God to be merciful, and to heal the sin, Jeremiah 3:12, 22
  6. God’s covenant requires that we repent of backsliding and return to Him, Jeremiah 3:14
  7. The Prodigal Son Parable is an example of God’s attitude toward a wayward son, in welcoming him back and restoring him to the family, Luke 15:20
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