Correcting Backsliding

  1. Remember the blessings you abandoned and repent, going back to the sanctified life, lest the light be snuffed out, Revelation 2:5
  2. Ask God to remove the sin and receive us again, promising to honor God with our speech, Hosea 14:2
  3. Admit verbally your sin, and your violence toward God, Jeremiah 3:13
  4. Know that when you turn to the Lord, He will be found, II Chronicles 15:4
  5. Godly sorrow enables repentance and is valuable, worldly sorrow brings death, II Corinthians 7:10
  6. Admit your sin to God and refuse to hide anything, and God will forgive the guilt of the sin, Psalm 32:5
  7. Recognize your incapability to God and admit your sin against God, Luke 15:17-18
  8. Learn to rebuke those that overstep their bounds against you, but also be willing to readily forgive them, no matter how many times they ask, Luke 17:3-4
  9. Confession of sins to God brings ready forgiveness and cleansing, I John 1:9
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