Accountability to Government Officials

  1. Officials are given power ordained by God, Romans 13:1
  2. Resisting an officer is the same as resisting God, and so damnation results to civil lawbreakers, Romans 13:2
  3. Where there is obedience there is no fear, Romans 13:3
  4. Officials exist to minister the law for our benefit, Romans 13:4
  5. Submission to officials is not just to avoid their wrath, but for our conscience sake, Romans 13:5
  6. Taxes are thus paid to enable the official to do his job, Romans 13:6
  7. Proper dues is shows as appropriate to each official in government, Romans 13:7
  8. Obedience to the law enables us to not be indebted to anyone, Romans 13:8
  9. Loving our neighbor in godly love fulfills God’s law and the law of the land, Romans 13:9-10
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