Parables about Accountability

  1. A steward became indebted for a huge amount of money and was forgiven the debt. However, this same steward was found to be brutal to those that owed him much less money. Because of his actions, he was condemned to pay the highest price for his debts, Matthew 18:21-35
  2. The rich man distributes his goods based on their ability. When he returns he demands a full accounting of how his servants did. Two servants doubled the trust, while the third simply kept custody of what was given to him. The trust of the third was given to the first servant and the third servant was cast into outer darkness. Those that have will be given more, while those that do not have anything to account for will lose what they have, Matthew 25:14-30
  3. The servant who knew the law and violated it is beaten with many stripes, while the ignorant law-breaker is beaten with few stripes, Luke 12:47-48
  4. The unjust steward was rewarded by his master for shrewdness in making sure he would have a place to go when he was found out to be a crook. It is important that we learn lessons from the ungodly and even befriend them so we can be faithful in the least of things and so be able to be faithful with abundance, Luke 16:8-13
  5. Reward is given to the faithful steward by granting rule over the appropriate number of cities, Luke 19:17, 19.
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