Accountability Defined

The constant state of readiness to prove that every resource used is done for godly and righteous reasons and for lasting spiritual impact.

  1. Before God, each soul is individually accountable to God, and if he sins, he alone will die for it, Ezekiel 18:1-3
  2. When a person is just and has done what is right: not eating sacrifices on mountains, not lifting his eyes to idols, not committing immorality, not becoming unclean, not oppressive of any, not violent to any, but one who helps feed the poor and clothe those in need of clothing, who does not charge interest, who withdraws from committing sin, has been honorable in making decisions between people, has followed God’s instructions and kept God’s laws, to deal honestly; will live, Ezekiel 18:4-9
  3. When a wicked person turns away from wickedness and all the sins he has committed, he will live and his sins will not be brought against him, Ezekiel 18:21-23
  4. When a righteous person turns to wickedness, then all the righteousness is of no account and the wickedness brings death, Ezekiel 18:24
  5. Accountability is required even of those who profess ignorance of God’s standards, Romans 1:20
  6. Sin brings consequences whether it is legal or not, Romans 2:12
  7. Accountability requires the establishment of laws to govern actions, and so provide a standard whereby an account may be given, Romans 4:15
  8. Life and immortality is brought to life from the Gospel, providing us an incentive to be ready to give account of ourselves, II Timothy 1:10
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